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Panwali Kantha Is one of the most expansive alpine meadows in garhwalHimalayaslocated at 4000m hight. It is known for its flat meadow land and huge variety of flowering herbs, wild life, scenic land escape views and vicinity to Gangotry greater Himalayan range.

PANWALI KANTHA - Trekking Tour Packages

Day 1:- Rishikesh to Ghttu village (1525m ) = 34 kms drive passing Tehri lake.

Day 2 :- Ghuttu to Panwali Kantha (4000m ) = 18kms ascending trek .

Day 3 :- Panwali kantha to Maghuchatti (3100m)== 11kms descending and ascending.

Day 4:- Maghuchatti to Triyugi Narayan (2000m) = 10 kms descending trek.

Day 5:- Triyugi Narayan to Rishikesh = 212 kms drive.

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